Road Kits

Intentional thought went into the development of the ROAD KITS. The bag itself is opaque to maintain privacy and dignity.  Made out of mylar it is water proof, smell proof, and resealable. Once they use the items in the bag, they can then keep their important documents safe from water damage.
Some of the items in the bag include:  hand warmers, foot warmers, emergency thermal blanket, a new pair of warm wool socks, microfiber cloth, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, hydrocortisone, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, band-aids, antacids, cough drops, eye drops, safety-pins, nail clippers, rubber bands, a bottle of water and meal replacement packets, high caloric Gell packets, and protein bars.
It would be hard to put a value on these bags but the items run approximately $18 per bag. They are made possible by monetary donations from the communities where the bags are distributed and Hammer Nutrition who has generously donated the food items.

See our distribution page for a list of agencies and missions that have partnered with us to make sure these kits get into the hands of those that need them.  If you are interested in us making these kits available in your community please don’t hesitate to email us for more information.